Master Palm Pneumatic Wholesale Abrasive Air Tools

At Master Palm, we supply a wide range of pneumatic abrasive air tools for wholesale, such as air angle grinders, 1/4" & 1/8" air die grinders, extended air die grinders, air polishers and buffers, air angle sanders, orbital air sanders and Dual Action palm sanders, as well as an automotive tire stripping tool and decal stripping eraser tool.

  • Master Palm pneumatic abrasive air tools are ISO 9001:2015 and CE Certified.
  • Designed to be small and compact with powerful motors.
  • Specialty abrasive air tools for automotive vehicles, boats, aircraft, bicycles and motorcycles.
  • Featured abrasive air tools include angle grinders, die grinders, extended die grinders, polishers and buffers, angle air sanders and DA palm sanders.

Our Master Palm pneumatic abrasive mini air tools have been certified to the ISO 9001:2015 and CE standards. They’re designed to be small, yet powerful enough to make any job easier. We also create specialty abrasive automotive and aircraft aerospace air tools. Our pneumatic abrasive air tools are used commonly by industries related to automotive, aircraft, bicycle, motorcycle and military surface material processing and detailing.