Master Palm 1/2" Pneumatic Right-Angle Drill Reversible with A Side Handle and Quick-Change Chuck - 500RPM, 0.5HP

Master Palm's 1/2" Low Profile pneumatic right-angle drill is perfect for tight spaces and features a 90 degree angle head quick-change chuck and slow free speed at 500RPM, so you can get the job done in no time. 28490K.

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Master Palm® 1/2" Pneumatic Right Angle Drill, 500RPM Reversible, Quick-Change Chuck - 28490K

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Industrial 1/2-inch drive pneumatic right-angle drill of Quick-change chuck is a low profile 90-degree angle drill powered by compressed air at 500 RPM Free Speed - ISO 9001 Certified, CE Bookmarked.

Jacobs quick change chuck right angle air drill with a side handleThe industrial right angle air drill with 90-degree low profile angle design, 1/2" drive, 500 rpm free speed, is commonly used for tough drilling in the hard to reach area or confined corners. The convenient reversible valve switch for simple forward and reverse direction control. Tool users can use with or without the side handle. The side handle can be easily released from the tool by rotating the handle and release the side handle. The side handle design is a strength helper for tool users who need to use on tasks that require lots of press in strength.

90 Degree Right Angle Design

  • 90 Degree right angle drill is usually used for screw driving and drilling in the hard to reach and confined corners and areas.
  • The convenient reverse valve at the rear bottom end of the drill housing is designed for simple forward and reverse direction changes.
  • The Low profile right angle drills are compact and easy to operate with right angle head.
  • Two gear drive system enables convenient operation with better tool performance.


Detachable Side Handle Design

Traditional air drills use purely a straight holding grip, it is hard to maintain strength while drilling on harder material. This 90 degrees right angle air drill comes with a side handle that you can use to increase your press strength while drilling on harder materials. The side handle is a versatile design that you can always purchase the parts from us to replace it if it ever breaks.

SKU 28490K
Item Name MPT-28490K Industrial 1/2" Right Angle Air Drill, Jacobs Quick Change Chuck With Side Handle, Low Profile 90 Degree Angle, 500 Rpm
air consumption 13.4 cfm (0.39 m3/min)
air hose size 3/8" (9.5mm)
air pressure 90 psi / 6.2bar
exhaust rear
free speed 500 rpm
gross length 9.2" / 233 mm (head to tail)
gross weight (without bits) 1.8 lb (0.8 kg)
noise rating 81 db(a)
warranty 3 year limited repair warranty