Master Palm 58060 Industrial Small Triangle Right Angle Spot Orbital Detailing Polisher/Sander, 3800 Rpm

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Master Palm® 58060 Industrial Small Triangle Right Angle Spot Orbital Detailing Pol

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Master Palm detail sander and finger sander are your solutions for curve edges, corners sanding that normal sanders and polishers can not do.

  • Finish-polishing of any curved surfaces and uneven on woodcraft and metal surface.
  • Polishing of primary coat for automobile, high-quality steel plate, FRP .
  • Base metal finish, finishing, or peeling of the outer layer.
  • Remove of rust, Blemish from metal. Detail Polisher.
  • Free Speed:3800rpm.
  • Optional Muffler MSA-005A 58069 include various detail polisher accessories Detail Polisher Kit Set. 58079 includes various fingers sander accessories Finder sander Kit Set.
SKU 58060
Item Name Low Profile Angle Palm Mini Right Angle Detail Polisher, 3800 Rpm
air pressure 80 psi/5.52 bar
angle height above collect 0.94/24 mm
exhaust rear
free speed 3800 rpm
horsepower 0.25 hp/0.19kw
hose size 3/16"/4.76 mm
noise rating 81 dba
orbital size 0.12"/3mm
pad size l0.97xl0.97xl0.97xh73/l24.6xl24.6xl24.6xh 73 mm