1/2" Ultra Compact Small Twin Hammer Air Impact Wrench - 650 Ft/lb(881 Nm)

Master Palm pneumatic mini twin hammer impact wrench is the perfect tool for quick tire exchanges. With a net weight of only 3 pounds, this patented oil inlet design increases its lifespan threefold if you oil it once a week. It can reach a 5-sec turbo torque of up to 420 ft/lb (569 Nm) and Max. 650 ft/lb (881 Nm) torque, with low air consumption at 2.5cfm (22.5 scfm / 637.4 - 1/min). Available Now.

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Master Palm® 1/2" Ultra Compact Small Twin Hammer Air Impact Wrench - 650 Ft/lb(881 Nm)

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ISO 9001:2015 Certified. CE Compliant.

Master Palm pneumatic small mini twin hammer impact wrench, 1/2" square drive with Max. 650 ft/lb torque is lightweight designed for quick tire exchange.

*Available Now

Lightweight mini impact wrench with 3 pounds net weight. Patented oil inlet design increases 3 times of impact tool life span if you oil the wrench once a week.  The 5 sec turbo torque can reach up to 420 ft/lb ( 569 Nm ). The max torque is 650 ft/lb (881 Nm). The low air consumption is about 2.5cfm (22.5 scfm / 637.4 - 1/min)

1/2 Ultra Compact Small Air Impact Wrench - 650 Ft/lb - 881 Nm/backorder
Air Flow
IPM 1500
Basic Information
air hose size 3/8" / 9.5 mm
exhaust Bottom
free speed 9500 RPM
Dimension & Weight
length 4.1"
weight 3 lb
max. torque 650 ft-lb/881 N-m