Collection: Wholesale Rivet Nut Installation Air Tools

Master Palm pneumatic industrial wholesale threaded rivet nut installation air tools are made by Master Air Tool as ISO 9001:2015 certified threaded rivet nut and insert installation air tool with CE compliance. Choice of M5, M6, M8 or UNC Thread models.

Thread Conversion Tables - Metric to Imperial/Unified

Industrial grade rivet nut installation tools allow tool users to install threaded rivet nut and insert easily without using too much strength or other tools. Just cling onto it and press, the tool will put the threaded nut and set for a complete installation.  All rivet nut installation tools are ISO 9001:2008 certified with CE bookmarked. Industrial pneumatic rivet nut installation, the nut pull setter, operates on compressed air. Each tool comes with three years of limited repair warranty. Choice of a right angle or pistol grip/hand grip models or both.

Metric Coarse Metric Fine BSF/BSW UNC UNF
M5 x 0.8 - - 10-24 10-32
M6 x 1 M6 x 0.75 1/4" 1/4-20 1/4-28
M8 x 1.25 M8 x 1 5/16" 5/16-18 5/16-24
M10 x 1.5 M10 x 1.25 3/8" 3/8-16 3/8-24
M12 x 1.75 M12 x 1.25 1/2" 1/2-13 1/2-20
M14 x 2 M14 x 1.5 9/16" 9/16-12 9/16-18
M16 x 2 M16 x 1.5 5/8" 5/8-11 5/8-18
M20 x 2.5 M20 x 1.5 3/4" 3/4-10 3/4-16
Wholesale Rivet Nut Installation Air Tools