Reciprocating Air Saw and Chisel File Dual Function Tool Set, Low Vibration, 6000 Bpm

The Master Palm Heavy-Duty Low-Vibration Dual Function Reciprocating Air Saw and Chisel Filer boasts 6,000 BPM strokes per minute and 8.5 CFM, making it ideal for long work sessions. With its easy attachment capabilities, users can get the job done in no time - the set even comes with all the necessary accessories!

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Master Palm® Reciprocating Air Saw and Chisel File Dual Function Tool Set, Low Vibration, 6000 Bpm

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Industrial Dual Function Reciprocating Air Saw and Reciprocating Air Chisel, Low Vibration - ISO 9001 Certified and CE Bookmarked

Master Palm heavy-duty low vibration dual function reciprocating air saw and chisel filer, 6000 Bpm strokes per min, 8.5 cfm, designed for long working hour operation. Tool users can attach air saw blades or chisel files directly and complete their tasks at no time. This comes with a complete set of accessories as being specified below:


  • Compact Size excellent for small areas, tight corner and confined areas.
  • Exchangeable Saw Blade allows operating as an air body saw and chisel filer.
  • Includes 3x18T saw blades, 3 x 24T saw blades, 3 x 32T saw blades, 4 x chisels.
  • Includes 1 x air regulator 
  • You may also order a complete chisel filer set
  • Compatible with universal reciprocating saw blades and file

Accessory Included

SKU Description Quantity 
1/4" Air Regulator
P11013-403 18T Saw Blade 3
P11013-40 32T Saw Blade 3
P11013-401 24T Saw Blade 3
MSA-1082 Various Chisel with 6mm shank 4

*fits 6 mm shank


SKU 11010
Item Name Heavy-Duty Reciprocating Air Saw And Air File, 6000 Bpm
air pressure 80 psi/5.52 bar
blade teeth 18t/24t/32t
exhaust rear
hose size 3/16"/4.76 mm
noise rating 81 dba
stroke per min 6000 bpm
stroke span 0.31 "/7.87 mm