Master Palm Pneumatic Industrial Air Sanders

Elevate your woodworking and metalworking endeavors with our assortment of wholesale air sanders. Ranging from miniature air sanders to pneumatic variants, these high-performance instruments expedite and streamline the sanding process, delivering the desired level of refinement.

Our selection encompasses light-duty air sanders tailored for woodworking projects and heavy-duty alternatives designed for metal and more demanding woodworking applications. We also feature 3M accessory compatible Air Sanders, renowned for their exceptional performance, durability, and ergonomic grip. Our orbital air sanders cater to professional and industrial contexts, ensuring superior sanding outcomes with a controlled, uniform finish. Regardless of your project's specifications, our collection offers the ideal air sander to address your needs. Peruse our air sanders and achieve unparalleled precision and satisfaction in your projects!

Master Palm pneumatic air sanders and polishing sanders, crafted by Master Air Tool—an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer with CE compliance—exemplify industrial-grade quality at wholesale prices. Our diverse range includes 1" or 2" detailing rolocs and extends to larger 5" and 6" devices, encompassing orbital, roloc, planetary gear, detail, disk, and finger types. These versatile tools can be employed on metal, wood, and plastic surfaces for sanding, polishing, and buffing purposes. Compatible pad options include both PSA and Velcro varieties.