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Master Palm® 4.5-in Industrial Pneumatic Angle Grinder with side Handle, 1 Horsepower

ISO 9001:2015 Certified. CE Compliant. Get the job done effortlessly with the powerful 1 horsepower/11000RPM Master Palm 31450 Industrial Full Right-Angle Grinder 4.5 inch with Side Handle. Perfect for grinding and cutting jobs. Shop now!

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Introducing the revolutionary Master Palm 4.5-in Industrial Pneumatic Angle Grinder with Side Handle, an absolute powerhouse for industrial use. Engineered with exceptional durability, this angle grinder is built to offer robust, reliable performance. Equipped with a one horsepower motor, operating at 11000 RPM, this tool has enough power to handle even the toughest grinding projects.

This Industrial Series Side Handle 4.5"Right Angle Grinder comes with a 4.5-inch grinding wheel which guarantees that the finest grinding is achievable. The noise rating of 92 dBA allows you to work with this tool for hours without experiencing ear fatigue.

Here are some of the fantastic features and benefits of this grinder:

Key Features:

  • One horsepower motor delivers unparalleled performance.
  • Armored with a durable construction guarantees fewer maintenance costs.

Key Benefits:


  • Less machine downtime, increased productivity.
  • No more constant repairs leading to cost savings.


This angle grinder is designed to work with different sized disc sizes, assuming a 4.5-inch 115 mm diameter. The tool length is a moderate 9.13 " 232 mm, and an angle height of 2.41 " 61.2 mm. It also has an exhaust located at the front which makes it an easy-to-use tool with less effort and heavy-duty operations. The disc size enables you to cover a large grinding area reducing the time taken to achieve your desired result.

The Master Palm 4.5-in Industrial Pneumatic Angle Grinder's side handle improves the angle grinder's stability during use, minimizes the likelihood of operator error, making it safer to work with. The handle improves operator comfort, no more hand fatigue after using it for long hours, reduced chances of accidents, and easier to maneuver during use.

Upgrade your arsenal with the Master Palm 4.5-in Industrial Pneumatic Angle Grinder, and experience unparalleled performance, durability, and reliability. This grinder is perfect for grinding on metals like steel, aluminum, and much more, making it the perfect tool for industrial applications. Order yours today!

4.5-in Industrial Pneumatic Angle Grinder with side Handle, 1 Horsepower


Noise Rating 92 dBA
Horse Power: 1 hp 0.75kw
Air Pressure: 90 psi 6.21 bar
Free Speed: 11000 RPM  
Hose Size: 3/8 " 9.52 mm
Disc Size: 4.5" 115 mm
Tool Length: 9.13 " 232 mm
Angle Height: 2.41 " 61.2 mm
Exhaust: Front  
Weight: 4.18 lb 1.9 kg