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Master Palm


Master Palm 3" Small Right Angle Grinder Set with 10 Pcs Grinding Wheels

Master Palm 3" Small Right Angle Grinder Set with 10 Pcs Grinding Wheels

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Product Description:

Master Palm Industrial Low Profile Angle Grinder With Palm Mini Size Housing Set - ISO 9001:2015 Certified, CE Compliant

38330 3" Right Angle Grinder Features

3" mini angle grinder set with 10 pcs grinding wheels are packed in an easy to carry tool box. All set comes with noise reduction muffler hose kit.

The 3" right angle grinder is used for easy operation at hard to reach area with angular corners. This mini angle grinder has a rear exhaust in a palm mini size.

  • Free Speed:16500 rpm.
  • Muffler MSA-005A included
  • Small compact in size.
  • Safety Throttle Control.
  • Light weight reliable performance.
  • Tools for confined area and angular corners .

Kit Set Contents

1 38330 3" Mini Right Angle Grinder
1 MSA-005A Mini Muffler Hose Kit
10 MSA-3073 3" Grinding Wheels/T-27
1 WO-001 11mm Spanner
1 WO-525 Wheel Spanner
1 MSA-000-01 Nippler
Item Name 3" Mini Angle Grinder Set With 10 Pcs Grinding Wheels
air pressure 5.52 psi/80 bar
angle height 0.94/24 mm
disc size 2.3x3/8"/58x9.5 mm
exhaust rear
free speed 16500 rpm
horse power 0.25 hp/0.19kw
hose size 3/16"/4.76 mm
noise rating 81 dba

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